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Life is a Journey

Steven T. Royal, Jr.




Why ActionPoint Partners?





ActionPoint Partners provides a unique approach to the art and science of Leadership and leadership development and the noble profession of Sales.  We do this by combining the best practices in leadership theory with the most effective methods of helping leaders acquire, test and grow in their leadership journey. Whether leading a project, sales team or entire multinational organization the insights and concepts that ActionPoint Partners delivers could be the differrence between success and failure.


ActionPoint Partners believes that a person’s life’s work is God-given and a solemn responsibility shared by the individual and the organization they serve. Our skills and abilities were given to us by our Creator and molded by the guiding hands of those that helped us learn those skills. It is therefore a moral imperative that leaders ensure that they are selecting individuals who are a fit for their jobs; that we develop their skills and abilities and that we lead them to be the very best versions of themselves.


"Leadershhip is the ART of accomplishing more than the SCIENCE of management says is possible!"                                                                          General Colon Powell

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