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Steven T. Royal

Managing Partner

ActionPoint Partners, LLC

ABOUT Steve and ActionPoint Partners, LLC

ActionPoint Partners provides our clients with the tools to help them take ACTION at the POINT of maximum leverage!


Leadership is the your point of maximum leverage!

ActionPoint Partners provides a unique approach to the art and science of Leadership and leadership development.  We do this by combining the best practices in leadership theory with the most effective methods of helping leaders acquire, test and grow in their leadership journey.


ActionPoint Partners believes that a person’s life’s work is God-given and a solemn responsibility shared by the individual and the organization they serve. Our skills and abilities were given to us by our Creator and molded by the guiding hands of those that helped us learn those skills. It is therefore a moral imperative that leaders ensure that they are selecting individuals who are a fit for their jobs; that we develop their skills and abilities and that we lead them to be the very best versions of themselves.


"Leadershhip is the ART of accomplishing more than the SCIENCE of management says is possible!"                                                                                                                
General Colon Powell





It is no secret that leadership is the number one concern by CEO’s worldwide. In fact, a recent Deloitte University Study found that of the 2532 participants in the study, 2506 or 99% of the respondents ranked leadership as the number one issue and 38% of those rated the problem as URGENT. Steve has developed a unique approach to leadership development that recognizes that teams learn best in collegial groups; that they grow deeper relationships when engaged in shared experiences; that small step processes allow for testing of new concepts; that new information is more quickly grasped when coupled with individual coaching; and expectations are more clearly understood when reinforced by the team. ActionPoint Partners accomplishes this through the use of one or more of the programs contained in the Leadership Legacy Journey™ curriculum.


By combining the power of self-awareness; personality, leadership and relationship theory; team development; and personal discovery, the Leadership Legacy Journey™ curriculum provides a level of development unmatched in any other process. In a recent study the Chally Group found that Coaching, Assessment Feedback and Action Learning were the most effective processes used for developing leaders. The programs in the Leadership Legacy Journey™ focus on these powerful development processes to engage and inspire leaders.


Steve is an innovator in the development high performance organizations and achieving unparalleled performance.  During his career, he has helped hundreds of organizations develop their staffs to achieve outstanding performance and put in place the infrastructure to maintain the momentum.


ActionPoint Partners was established on the belief that the depth of leadership is the DNA that will power future success and achievement in every organization. Leaders must first understand that there is no single leadership style, approach, sequence of steps, laws, principles or set of standards that can be adopted to yield a successful outcome in every situation. Rather, leaders must be equipped to address each person and situation with understanding and the belief that everyone deserves to be, and can be successful.


Steve has more than 35 years experience in leadership and management development, sales and consulting. Prior to founding ActionPoint Partners, he served in executive positions in some of the most innovative firms including Wachovia Corporation (Wells Fargo), Omega Performance, Pinnacle Performance Strategies and Farr Associates. He is a sought after speaker and presenter, having worked with such companies, charitable and civic groups, as:


American Bankers Association

American Board of Pediatrics

BrightSpire (formerly Presbyterian Homes, Inc.)

Bureau of Land Management

Carter Bank

Federal Aviation Administration

Episcopal Ministries for the Aging

Georgia Hospital Association

Gore Medical

JD Bank

Leadership Howard County

Leadership Baltimore

Leadership Fairfax 

LifeSpan/Beacon Institute


A native of North Carolina, Steve holds a Bachelors degree in Psychology and Economics from Guilford College.  He is a graduate of the Young Executives Institute at the University of North Carolina’s School of Business.

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