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Agility Consulting and Training, Inc.

“Agility is the ability of an individual, team or organization to dynamically sense and respond to changes in the environment with actions that are focused, fast and flexible.


The successful leader, team or organization will evolve, not through random mutation, but through purposeful and agile strategies that influence and respond effectively to unpredictable and shifting marketplace demands and world events.


Agility is not about perfect prediction of the future. Instead, it is about being prepared to exploit change, and making informed decisions as to the best moves and countermoves for the organization. The global business environment has shifted into an era where being an agile organization has become a survival statement and where best practices must yield to “next practices” as we discover how to effectively adapt and thrive in this real-time, fast-paced and ever-changing world.


A bias towards the status quo is an unaffordable luxury. Leaders need to be less controlling; more emotionally astute; culturally attuned; and most important, have a willingness to share authority and decision making.


The organization that is able to move all employees up the agility spectrum from "I'm totally oblivious to the potential changes that might impact our organization" to "I see change coming and am prepared and already doing something about it," then the organization has an advantage over it’s competitors.”


Agility Consulting and Training, LLC is a leading management consulting firm that specializes in helping global leaders and organizations build adaptive capability to anticipate change and respond appropriately to the increasing turbulence and uncertainty in our world. Our principals and network of associates bring a valuable depth of expertise, experience and insight to helping clients become more focused, fast and flexible at the enterprise, team and individual leader levels.


The Agile Model® provides a roadmap to help organizations and leaders navigate through the turbulent waters of today's business environment. The Agile Model® is built from best practices in organizational performance and is endorsed by the American Management Association (AMA) as well as recognized as the "best leadership model for our changing world" in the 2008 book Human Resource Transformation. 


Agility Consulting has identified five characteristics needed for organizations to be capable of anticipating and responding to changing demands and adapting to new requirements . . . in real time. The five drivers of an adaptive, agile individual, team or organization, embodied in the model, include the ability and processes to anticipate change, generate confidence, initiate action, liberate thinking and evaluate results. Each of these drivers must exist within all three enterprise domains, i.e. people, processes and technology, in order to create and sustain an agile enterprise.


Partner: Nick Horney, Ph.D


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