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The word “PARTNERS” has a very distinct and powerful meaning for ActionPoint Partners. First we form partnerships with our clients as we work to build deep relationships and address their critical issues; secondly we form strong bonds with our "Partners" that are an integral part of the ActionPoint Family and third we form business Partnerships with those experts and thought leaders in the industry that enable us to achieve our goals and objectives. Below are two of our most valued and influencial PARTNERS and a brief decription of the value they bring to us.

Agility Consulting and Training, Inc.

“Agility is the ability of an individual, team or organization to dynamically sense and respond to changes in the environment with actions that are focused, fast and flexible.

SalesGenomix. LLC

The SalesGenomix Talent Discovery System Identifies candidates that have a 50%+ probability of success in your sales role and provides them 46% faster! 

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