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**This program is the property of and offered through an Affiliate agreement  with Agility Consulting and Training, LLC.

Strategic Visioning

Strategic Visioning is the engineering of a vision. The process blends and applies techniques of environmental scanning, projective techniques using imagery, scenario planning and other best practices of strategic planning. An important part of leadership agility is visual, imaginative, and intuitive. Strategic Visioning is a process for supporting the importance of both R-mode (“right brain”) and L-mode (“left brain”) processes for visioning the current or future situation and then engineering the actions it takes to close any gaps. The multiple uses of Strategic Visioning for leadership, team or organizational agility are: 


  • Help assess “where we are” as a company in a marketplace 

  • Scan your environment and your organization with fresh eyes 

  • Explore, clarify and communicate your team or organizational vision and values 

  • Surface new perspectives on existing products and services

  • Accelerate the communication within the group 


Target Audience:

Boards of Directors, Senior Executive Teams, Business Operating Teams, Regional or Country Teams


Length: The Strategic Visioning process can be accomplished in as little as two days.  Strategic Planning takes several weeks or months

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