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**This program is the property of and offered through an Affiliate agreement  with Agility Consulting and Training, LLC.

Strategic Agility Seminar™

The Strategic Agility Seminar™ is a customized highly interactive workshop for your organization that uses a variety of learning methods designed to engage participants and teach them the agile tools and concepts to be focused, fast and flexible in an increasingly turbulent world. Leadership success is more dependent than ever on the ability to see over the horizon and seize external opportunities. Leaders must anticipate marketplace and socioeconomic trends, technological innovations and customer needs; and they must turn these into competitive advantages. 


Target Audience:

The Strategic Agility Seminar is designed for CEO’s. Senior  Executives and their staff.


Length: This highly interactive seminar is usually presented as a two day program but is ideal for offsite meetings and to infuse the organization towards a sales oriented culture change. 


Sample Outcomes:

  • Understand how agile organizations differ from fragile organizations 

  • Defining strategic agility and why it is crucial.

  • Create and use “sensors” to identify and respond to environmental shifts

  • Create a culture that promotes action, resourcefulness, risk and invention

  • Implementation of the Agile Model as a frame work for strategic sales success.

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