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SalesGenomix Talent Discovery System™

Hiring the wrong person is the most damaging mistake a manager can make. For a sales executive it almost guarantees that performance for the year will be under quota and both bonus and continued employment are in jeopardy. The SalesGenomix Assessment is based on over 400,000 administrations and 25 years of data analysis on 140 identified attributes.  The results are three to eight times more accurate than personality tests and are based on real world results not theory. The SalesGenomix Talent Discovery System eliminates “unforced errors” in the hiring process.


The Sales Talent Discovery System serves both the employer and the applicant.  The employer is able to see only applicants that are “Highly Recommended” for the position with a better than 50% probability of making quota. This puts promising applicants at the head of the line and reduces both recruiter and management time to decision. This produces a 46% faster fill rate.


Applicants are informed of their status within hours of completing the assessment. Those that are "Highly Recommended" or "Recommended" are told they will be moved forward in the recurition process. Thoses that are not "Recommendced" for this position are told that immediately. They receive a copy of their results with recommended jobs for which they are well suited. 


Where needed, “coaching” tips to improve any shortcomings are provided and the applicant is given the opportunity to be part of the SalesGenomix Talent Community

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