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SalesGenomix Talent Audit System™

Most organizations have identified Sales Talent Management as a strategic priority. However, the methods they use to evaluate sales people are typically flawed. Making effective decisions about Sales Talent is nearly impossible when relying on methods that are subjective, inconsistent, not tailored to specific job skills, or because the results are not meaningful enough to support objective and accurate decision making.


An assessment that creates truly predictive data is a priceless decision-making tool. That difference is exactly what makes the SalesGenomix Assessment and Sales Talent Audit a key differentiator for every organization. Our unique, web-based assessment system for sales talent alignment, development and selection is truly the “next generation” of applying total quality management to sales management.


The Sales Talent Audit process is most effective for strategic decision making when used on a continuing basis. Because data is predictive, its value for both employee development and career selection is unparalleled. After completing a Sales Talent Audit, each organization has on-demand access to its own employee competency inventory. Once the database content is on file for assessed individuals, no further assessments of current employees is necessary. In addition, the Sales Talent Audit Program allows you to assess new employees and add them to the database to ensure the data remains current and can be regularly accessed.

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