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Agile Team LINKS™

Agile Team LINKS™ (Leadership, Insight, Nimbleness and Knowledge Seminar™) is a unique leadership development program that integrates best practices of golf and leadership development. The program is built upon a foundation of self-discovery through multiple forms of assessment and is focused on the immediate transfer of the leadership discovery from the golf experience to the work setting. 


Target Audience:

Agile Team LINKS™ is designed for teams at all levels from entire  organizations to small regional  groups.  


Sample Outcomes:

  • Assess who and where they are as agile leaders 

  • Initiate leadership agility behavior

  • Leaders benchmark themselves against others

  • Enrich leadership agility skills while playing a round of golf. 

  • Develop a plan of action that encompasses both golf and leadership agility goals.

  • Broaden their network of leadership colleagues. 

Length:  Program is highly customized and takes place over a two day retreat where the majority of the first day is spend on the course with the remainder in debrief and application exercises

**This program is the property of and offered through an Affiliate agreement  with Agility Consulting and Training, LLC.

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