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Leadership Agility Profile™ 

The Leadership Agility Profile™ 360 is one of the only online 360 degree assessment instruments specifically designed to measure the strengths and developmental needs required of leaders in an uncertain and turbulent business environment. It is used by internal and external human resource development professionals and their clients focused on developing the key factors contributing to leadership agility. It is the only assessment organized around five multidisciplinary research-based competencies identified in The Agile Model®:


  • Anticipate Change – Interpret the potential impact of business turbulence and trends along with the implications to the enterprise and to customers.

  • Generate Confidence – Create a culture of confidence and engagement of all associates into effective and collaborative teams.

  • Initiate Action – Provide the fuel and the systems to make things happen proactively and responsively at all levels of the organization and with clients.

  • Liberate Thinking – Create the climate and conditions for fresh solutions by empowering, encouraging and teaching others to be innovative including prospects and customers.

  • Evaluate Results – Keeping the focus and managing the knowledge to learn and improve from actions and helping clients measure the ROI of your services.


This assessment can be used to support a self-guided development plan. It is also a valuable tool in providing feedback by a coach or supervisor, and for use in Talent Management and Succession Planning programs and processes. Feedback is not just about correcting one’s weaknesses. The feedback from the Leadership Agility Profile™ 360 survey is a great way to identify strengths for success.


The Leadership Agility Profile™ 360 assessment report provides developmental feedback from an individual’s supervisor, peers and subordinates as well as the individual. It can also collect feedback from outside sources such as clients or customers. This survey contains 75 questions answered using a 5-point Likert rating scale and allows each rater to provide narrative comments. 

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