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Agility Audit™

**This program is the property of and offered through an Affiliate agreement  with Agility Consulting and Training, LLC.

The Agility Audit™ is a multi-method interactive assessment that identifies the agility gap between your organization and a global database of agility best practices.  The audit includes measures of an organization's people agility, process agility and degree of organizational context supporting agility. The Agility Audit™ is a three-step process that examines the gap between organizational agility best practices and a current state assessment resulting in specific actions to close the gaps.


Step 1: On-line Agility Survey -- The audit begins with an on-line survey fielded across a broad cross-section of an organization to gain valuable front line perspective on key drivers of organizational agility.


Step 2: Focused Interviews -- A series of one-on-one interviews exploring best practice categories with carefully selected members from across the organization to developing greater perspective and organizational insight.


Step 3: Agility Workshop -- The finale of the Agility Audit process is a full day workshop with the leadership team where it will:

  • Get the results & insights from the on-line survey

  • Get summary conclusions from individual interviews

  • Participate in a creative “Strategic Visioning”™ exercise

  • Identify the turbulence and hurdles in the organization’s environment

  • Create specific action plans to enhance organizational agility

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