SalesGenomix, LLC

As a Certified Independent Partner of SalesGenomix, we are pleased to represent one on the most unique and innovative sales talent discovery systems in the world.  SalesGenomix system is based on one of the most praised sales assessment tools every developed. The system passes through only the candidates that are most likely to succeed in the specific sales position. The system fills vacancies 46% faster with talent 50% more likely to achieve quota. It is supported by over 400,000 completed assessments and is the gold standard for over 2,000 employers.


SalesGenomix supports ActionPoint Partners with three critical services:





Partner: John Hoskins CEO,


Note: This is a portion of the SalesGenomix Assessmemt showing the posiitons the candidate is Highly Recommended  as a fit to the  the position. (Boxes in Green)

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